Sunday, September 28, 2008

Buying new shoes for Aidilfitri?..Watch out for a Pig Skin Shoes...

Have you already bought or still searching a new pair of shoes. If yes, you better be aware of the skin that been used to make the shoes. Be sure not to pick a pig skin shoe for this Aidilfitri as it would spoil your days.... How to know the shoes is made of Pig Skin?... If you see a skin that have 3 dots in one spot, you better get off from the shoes...

Here is a sample for a pig skin Shoes, this is how the shoes look a like...

Some of the well-known brand also used pig skin as a lining...The shoes that already declare their material is:

So, be careful to make your choices..make sure you know what type of skin fro your shoes..
Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, Pig skin and all derivatives from it as heavy najis, which entails the necessary purification of seven washings, one of them with a mixture of sand and water, for surfaces that come into contact with pig and its organs.

However, the condition is that the surface contact is wet or moist. If it is dry, then no purification is necessary.

Hence, wearing shoes or using things that are made from pig's organs are not advisable since it runs into possibility of being wet or moist and hence necessitates purification. Without such purification, Prayer (salah ) is not valid.

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