Saturday, October 6, 2007

The New Proton Persona Envy...

Thought of buying a PROTON PERSONA? Hang the new PROTON PERSONA SPECIAL edition will come out soon! It’s called PROTON PERSONA ENVY.

This car will carry the same 1.6 CAMPRO ENGINE. It’s believed that this newly enhanced look is meant to boost the sagging market for proton cars. Is it true?

Some say, this limited edition model is not available for public to buy and just to show how far you can modify the car’s look to be like a Knight Rider machine..

The screen is fully tinted, with beautiful black sports rim. hmmh how sad that is? Well you can find this car at PROTON’S CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE! Jom Balik Raya dengan PROTON PERSONA ENVY!

Hopefully this car accomply with the JPJ rules as it use black tinted windows...:)