Sunday, November 11, 2007

BERSIH People Gathering...KL turn into Yellow City!!!

On 10 November 2007, almost 100 000 peoples come from all over Malaysia to KL to join the BERSIH Peace Gathering. This gathering is to protest the Malaysian Judicial conspiracy to promote the judges (see link).

It's was a rainy day..but nothing can stop the people frustration in fighting for their right. Some people said this act is not a professional act as this country is well known as peaceful and democracy country. But, believe it or not, the video that been revealed about the conspiracy (see link) shows how unprofessional is the Malaysian Justice members.

If there are not fair between themselves, how can they give fair and justices to Malaysian.

Have you seen Prison Break series?...If you watch it, you can see how bad is if the justice and government set up a conspiracy. We don't want it to happen in our country.

As Malaysian citizen, we hope this problem can be solved immediately and efficiently to fix back the Malaysian Judicial members. If there is found guilty in arranging the judge promotion for their sake. Eliminate them from Malaysian justice system.

The marching that been organized by BERSIH is to submit a memorandum to Malaysian Majesty to appeal to the Royal council to investigate the conspiracy video( see link).

Source : Anwar Ibrahim blog, Earth inc, Malaysiakini