Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Compulsory HIV test for Malaysian Muslim Bride and Groom in 2009

Starting next year, all Malaysian Muslim brides and grooms must going through the HIV test before getting married. This is a compulsory procedure before a couple want to have a marriage.

The procedure will be executed next year after all the Islamic council in every states giving their agreements to enforce the law, said Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz, Director of JAKIM.

The couple will be given the Certificate of Health to each couple that indicate either there are positive or negative to HIV. The test that were required are free until this moment.

Many of objection from many peoples about this law that accusing its has breaching the Human right and human privacy.

By doing this test might effect their marriage planning if one of them is positive to HIV.

The question that derived from the law is:

Is HIV test giving a good effect to society?
IS it true that it had breached the human right?
Why peoples are so worried about HIV test?

According to the PT Foundation, from 1986 to 2007, about 58,267 Malays are infected to the HIV. The funniest part is the etchnic such as Chinese and Indian that infected to HIV is 11,886 and 6,532 persons.

Why Malays are the majority in HIV cases?...What happen to their Islamic base?..

From this figures, we can actually knows why there is peoples trying to avoid from HIV test.

The HIV test objective is to give a good future to the couple in long terms such as providing a healthy couples, healthy babies, and healthy heir.

It is not for punishing a person who having HIV by avoiding them from marriage. The Malaysian Islamic council (JAKIM) had planned a strategy for the couple who having HIV that want to proceed the marriage by having counseling sessions and therapist to make sure there are really trying to avoid themself to come back to their past.

By doing this law, all Muslim teenagers need to understand and aware to whatever there are doing right now if they don't want to ruin their future.

Avoid HIV by following Islamic laws and practice it.

You might don't want to be embarrassed at the day of wedding. All the secret that you hide before will be reveal sooner or later. Watch out.