Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shabery to hear out bloggers

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government will not control bloggers but will consider their views as well. That is the assurance given by newly-appointed Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, who is planning a meeting with the blogging community “in the next few weeks to hear them out”.

“The alternative media, like bloggers, play a role in nation building. It is the most direct and simple channel for people to voice their opinions. Sometimes, they can bring about a negative effect but it is mostly positive.”

Shabery said some had overlooked the significance played by bloggers, who could now form their own personal broadcast centres via their websites.

He dismissed the view that bloggers sided with the Opposition, saying that the bloggers only expressed their personal opinion.

“Bloggers are individuals and they have differing opinions. I cannot say that they are all Opposition. Sometimes, they are seen to support the Opposition but sometimes they criticise the Opposition too,” he said.

On whether the Government would enforce some control on the blogging community, Shabery said they would not do so.

“The question of controlling bloggers does not arise. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink,” he said.

Asked if there was a message that he would pass to the bloggers in the meeting, Shabery said: “It is better that I be a listener first”.

To a question whether the mainstream media had lost its credibility and relevance due to laws governing the media, he said that the rise of blogs was a global trend, adding that this, however, did not mean that people had sidelined the media.

“No matter how free the mainstream media is (from government control), like in the USA, UK and Australia, it is still subject to the standpoint of their respective media (organisation) heads. So, people will still seek alternative news,” he said.

Source: The Star Online

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What happen to DAP and PAS in Perak??

On March 12th, the right candidate for Chief Minister for Perak had been announced and the person is Ir. Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin from PAS had been chosen.

The problem now is, DAP will boycott the swearing-in ceremony tomorrow as a protest. What happen to DAP??

DAP candidates, Ngeh Koo Ham had already released the statement that all the Alternative party will support any of Perak's Sultan decisions for Perak Chief Minister yesterday but today.... It shows that they are not sincere to what they had said.

What actually they want??..What is their objective??..Is it to help peoples or to seize Malaysia for themselves??...

In the moment of victory of opposition in Malaysian 12th General Election, the argument between DAP and PAS about who will be the Chief Minister had made peoples shock to what DAP capables of... They not like what they say....They have something hidden behind their promises and oaths.

Advise for all Malaysian, don't let the races issues come between us and apart all of us... Always keep your promised...Don't let races sentimental crack the Alternative party from the main objective to form a better country....

The main problem that occured in Perak is because of this constitution:

Under the state constitution, the menteri besar has to be a Malay Muslim, but there is a provision that allows the Sultan to waive the requirement.

But DAP must understand, whatever decision had been made by Sultan, it is the order from him.. As a respect to our Sultan, we must obey to what he decided...The boycott act will destroy the DAP images as party for peoples especially among Malay...If they keep doing this act, Malay and other races will never respect this party as party for peoples anymore...

And if this issues keep going for this terms,...sorry to say, there will be no more DAP for the next 5 years to be Chief Minister again...

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Shocking Results In Malaysian 12th General Election

The 12th Malaysian General Election had successfully done with a lot of shocking changes and news.

Many political expert said, this election is call as Badawi's Election as the vote from Malaysian will describe how is the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Malaysia recent Prime minister performance.

To describe his performance, we can describe it with a Malaysian political map:

Malaysia in 2004, only 1 state ruled by opposition

Malaysia in 2008, 5 states are ruled by oppositions

Well, we can said that Pak lah, the Malaysian Prime Minister are not as popular as before...

What is the factor of Barisan Nasional (BN) defeated??... What is the reason to the anger of Malaysian citizens to goverments??... Why opposition can take over a lot of states although BN campaign is overwhelming through medias and propagandas??...

Why Malaysian citizens voted for oppositions??..

The main answer for all of this questions is...The Weakness of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi......

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Pak Lah)

The BN governments only emphasis in developing Malaysia and to develop rural places with a lot of projects but forgot about human essential needs. In developing the country, the life cost also increase such as fuel price, wheat price and other foods need essentials...

The other factor that effect the BN popularity in 12th General Election is the involvement of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's son-in-law, Khairy Jamaludin in BN campaigns.

Khairy Jamaludin

Abdullah Badawi political strategy that giving a chance to his son-in-law to absorb into UMNO Youth Association( Pemuda UMNO) as a Vice President easily had changed Malaysian citizens trust to Abdullah Badawi because of cronyism issues.

The opposition had promised that if they become the ruler of Malaysia, they will decrease the fuel price and give the free education to all Malaysian. This promise had made Malaysian people realize that there is a hope for Malaysian fuel price crisis.

Tun Dr Mahathir Muhammad

The former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad had urged Pak Lah to responsible for the biggest defeat in BN history by resigning from being Malaysian Prime Minister. But, Pak Lah decided not to resign....

The conclusion is, it is good for opposition when Pak Lah decide to stay as a Prime Minister because, in 1 term he become a Prime Minister, opposition already got 5 states to be rule...if he rule for another term...the opposition might get all of the Malaysian states to be rule...

So, to all Malaysian, the future of our country is in our hands... If there is improvement in the ruling of the Alternative, let it go on....if not...let's change it...

Don't set in our mind that BN is a once for all party that can cater our needs in a whole of our life..and also other party...if there is anything wrong....Speak out...Stand out...and Vote Out..Let the democratic style rule Malaysian.....

The only way to gain trust of Malaysian people to BN back is....Pak Lah need to retreat...Let the talent leader lead this country.....