Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Islam Hadhari, The Islam concept that still confusing...

Islam Hadhari or in english is Civilizational Islam that been introduced by Malaysian 5th Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi.

According to him, this Islamic concept is consists of 10 fundamentals that is:

  • Faith and piety in Allah.
  • Just and trustworthy government
  • Freedom and independence to the people
  • Mastery of knowledge
  • Balanced and comprehensive economic development
  • Good quality of life for all
  • Protection of the rights of minority groups and women
  • Cultural and moral integrity
  • Protection of the environment
  • A strong defence policy

But after reading this 10 fundamentals, we still confuse...What is the different between existing Islam that been practice by all over the world with Islam Hadhari that been practice by Malaysia especially him...

So, if we want to learn something new..we better look at some examples from our leaders... We assume that what they say, do, eat, wear, and show is the part of Islam Hadhari..

Abdullah Badawi holding Dato' Michelle Yeoh shoulder.

Abdullah shake-hand with a woman(Condoleezza Rice)

Abdullah with her wife, Jeanne Abdullah(not wearing tudung)

Dato' Seri Shahrizat wearing her Hadhari tudung concept and also shaking hand with a man.

Datuk Azalina without her tudung

Datuk Noraini Ahmad, Leader of Puteri Umno

So, after viewing a few of this picture...we can actually see that what is Islam Hadhari...It is just a fancy concept that still confusing to most of the non-muslim peoples and also to other muslim peoples.

A non-muslim people will think that the Islam Hadhari concept is more tolerance Islam if comparing to Middle East country that practicing Islam that asking a woman to wear a tudung and didn't allowed man to touch non-muhrim woman and vice versa.

They will think that the existing Islam is an old fashion Islam that can' tolerate with any situation and Islam Hadhari is the new age of the Islam that can tolerate in Islamic rules.

After year by year, it shows that Islam Hadhari is such a joke for them. Many tv commercial in Malaysia shows that Hadhari concept is more to honesty, cooperation and loyalty but never described about Islam. The concept that always stress on is more to their political strategy rather than spreading Islamic concept.

The effect to muslim peoples in Malaysia with the new Islam Hadhari concept:

The Sexiest Qari ever (click to enlarge picture)

This is a reality, in a few years, peoples already had a misunderstanding with Islam Hadhari. We might not know what will happen after 5 or 10 years later. What are their understanding about Islam Hadhari?..

To the peoples who concern, speak out...fight out...let the truly Islam rules in our heart...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

No School Suit for Genius People In Malaysia??..What Happen??

Adiputra Abd Ghani the recent Genius kid in Malaysia had made all the people in this country surprise with his ability that can solve Additional Math question( 17 years old syllabus) in a age of 6!...

But the problem is, he still need to go to primary school to learn ABC and 1,2,3 to follow this country education system...This had made him bored to go to school and he always skip his school because of to bored...

Do you think he need to follow this education system???...Learn 1+1=2 in primary school although he knows how to solve Algebra, Trigonometry and other math stuff...??

For sure, he CAN'T....

Many people complaning that this kid need to go to school and learn like other kid in school to get the certificate and then you can go to UNIVERSITY...but this will not work to GIFTED person...

There are only 1 in 1 Million genius peoples were born in this world and that mean something...God didn't create something for no reason...They are the medium for human to break the knowledge limitation to think something BIG in this universe...They are the person who can totally think out of the BOX...

When we talk about genius person, it doesn't mean a person who can get 20 A's in SPM or a person who can get CGPA 4.0 in university but... we talk about

So, the point here is, don't expect a genius people to know and learn like ordinary human...We are ordinary person and we need to learn everything to make our life balance BUT for the genius person, they only specialist in 1 thing or 2 in a whole of his/her life....because that is their destiny...

If we can remember, in 1976...there is a boy name Mohd Shukri Hadafi that amazed all Malaysian people because of his ability to read a newspaper in a age of 3. But because of no proper education system for genius person, and he also need to follow the ordinary education...he lost his interest in study and he became a penebar roti canai(don't know the proper word in English) when he grow up.

We don't want this situation keep happening in the future...We want all the genius people in Malaysia to have a special education for developing their IQ and interest....

If this happen, there is no possibility to have a Malaysian name in a Nobel prize Award list...

The point is, Malaysian government should do something to cater this problem..Don't keep saying we can't make a special program for them because of money or because of minority genius people...Open your eyes...this is the best opportunity for Malaysian to have our own scientist that can make our future program to be realize...

Think about It.....

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Life is My tells a thousand stories...Part 1

Enough of writing about this world. Sometimes we need to have a break. And for this month, the journal is all about me...Why?.. because I'm the author and I should have my own story...

The enthusiasm in photography had made me spent most of my free time to capture the beauty of this world. Nothing is more precious than the nature of this world.

For the Part 1, I will post some of my artwork photo to this site for everyone to feel how I feel...


The Building of the Historical A'Famosa in Melaka, Malaysia.

The St. Paul hill building in Melaka, Malaysia

The beauty of the Sky

The Touch of The Sunset