Saturday, January 12, 2008

BIODIESEL..Is it Effect the cooking oil price?

Have you ever seen the advertising in television show a car that out of fuel in middle of the palm oil plantation..and suddenly a guy offering a fuel from the plam oil tree...If you seen it, this mean Malaysian had planned to make biodiesel as a altenative fuel for crude oil...

According to the AFP, Malaysia announced that it will build three plants to produce biodiesel from palm oil, as part of efforts to reduce its dependency on foreign oil and increase demand for domestically produced palm oil.(see link)

From bernama,
The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and Golden Hope Plantations are partnering to build a biodiesel plant in Labu in Negeri Sembilan—the first in the country.The biodiesel is slated for export to Europe.

We can see that our government had a big plan in fuel industry. So, is it biodiesel project will effect our cooking oil price too.. The point is, this cooking oil shortage could lead to cooking oil price increase in the future and in the future, we might use biodiesel as our main fuel resource. And in the future,..the price of biodiesel fuel will also increase...

From the bold phrase, we can see that our palm oil shortage not just because of smuggling from Kelantan to Thailand, but export of palm oil also effecting this crisis.

The main point here is, if government try to impliment a big project for the coming year...don't give an impact to the other industry. This will change every single thing in our country and it doesn't give anything better...

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