Thursday, November 8, 2007


We all know Malaysian government had increased the flour price today up to 10-30 cent per kilogram. If you wondering why this price is increasing,
here is some answer that might cool you down...

Beginning of this year, many wheat field had decreased their production because of the bad weather such as drought in Europe and Australia. The demand for bio-fuel in Europe also the contribute factor for the price raise. This contribute to low flour production and the price had increased up to 70%...

The price is increasing from US$235 per tonne before September to US$400 now. The current flour price in Malaysia is between RM1.35 to RM1.50.

So, the flour price raise is nothing to do with CONSPIRACY...

The GOOD news is
the price raise would
not be for long as the drought in Australia end as said by Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal. So, don't worry...

So, the point here is...before you complaint..make sure you not what happen... We all know this world had almost reach the end of the, is not a weird thing about shortage of our need nowadays...:)

Advice from me, try to eat less food from wheat as there are imported stuff...and eat something more RICE... :)

Try not to eat ROTI CANAI, BREAD, and other flour products for a few month..this can help to pressurized the bread and flour industry all over the world as the flour demand lesser but the flour production keep increasing... :)

So, whatever you do...DON'T BLAME OUR GOVERNMENT..
. unless you have WISE..

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I am a pensioner from Health department, was retired in last year May and have filled up all the forms to continue to serve the country since all pensioners were promised to be allowed to continue on contract base for two years as long as they are willing serve the country. This was the announcement made by our 5th Prime Minister but sadly most of us are just sitting in house and waiting for the contracts.

Comparing to other countries Malaysia has the lowest retirement age even poor country has higher retirement age. Is this showing that at certain age Malaysian are so unfit to work?
I feel very sad for myself and for the people who really eager in continuing to serve the country although our salary can be reduce but please don’t break our determination and hopes.
We never ask that we want to be head of department after retirement; pensioners just need a job to keep themselves occupied.

This is my plead to the new prime minister, please give the first priority to Malaysian before giving to foreigners.

Moreover some agency are making lame excuses that foreigner worker are better compare to Malaysian. This lame excuses are made by people who make profit just for their self, not for the country.
When this agency capable bring in foreign workers therefore, this agency must also be responsible in sending the foreign workers back when the company or factory shuts down, this will help a lot to reduce the increasing crime rates rather than just ignoring the responsibilities after making profit.
If we employ foreigners, our Malaysian money are flowing out of the country, then what is the benefits promoting tourism Malaysia because end of day what our country earn from tourism flows back by foreigners working here.

Don’t make jobless Malaysian second choice in own country and never ignore pensioners because definitely country progress depends on them too.

Hereby, I would like to thanks and wish congratulation to all media staffs for their hard work in revealing the truth in every matters to the society.